Dr Ali Mohammadi, Founder and CEO

Dr Mohammadi is an associate professor of Medical Microbiology and has DVM degree from University of Tehran as well as Master and PhD in Medical Microbiology from University College London (UCL) with major in biotechnology and genetic engineering. He has spent most of his career in combating Communicable Diseases (CD) as well as Public Health Security (PHS) either directly managing such programs or indirectly through the following activities:

On the national level:

  • Managing and controlling animal and zoonotic diseases as well a Veterinary Public Health.
  • Research, development and production of Vaccines, therapeutic sera and diagnostic antigens.

As the president of Razi Vaccine and Serum Institute he has been managing more than 1500

personnel including 255 scientists and 480 experts and production of more than 67 biological

products with annual production of 2.8 Billion doses. He was also responsible for research and production of the first Avian Influenza vaccine in the Middle East.

As the director of Environmental Damage assessment, he was responsible for managing 18 projects with 21 Million USD, funded by the United Nation Compensation Committee (UNCC) 1998-2002

On the international level:

Dr Mohammadi has been involved in development and negotiations of three United Nations

Conventions namely:

  • Biological Weapons Convention(BWC)
  • Chemical Weapons Convention(CWC)
  • Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Biosafety protocol

Due to successful implementation of these tasks, Dr Mohammadi was then nominated to receive the Golden Medal and Charter of Humanism by International League of Humanists, Philadelphia, USA, which was presented to him in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 1998.

Dr Mohammadi has also been the founder and President of several scientific and specialized

associations and civil societies on the national and international level.

He has 28 publications and 3 books on human and animal diseases, vaccine development,

environmental protection, biosafety and biosecurity and implementation of BWC.

Activities in the World Health Organization:

  • Managing vaccine research and discovery proposals and projects for neglected diseases form different institutions in WHO Member States.
  • Contribution to development of GLP guideline in TDR, 2004 and WHO laboratory Biosecurity Guidance first edition 2007
  • Organizing 43 international and regional workshops for vaccine research and control as well as awareness raising workshops and training courses on Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity in different WHO regions
  • Presentation in more than 128 international conferences on vaccine technology, GMP, Biological Risk Management (BRM), bioterrorism, health security, laboratory biosafety and biosecurity
  • Interaction with other WHO programs such as Polio and Global Influenza Programs for development of biosafety guidelines and preparedness assessment missions
  • Representing WHO in different organizations and meeting such as UNBWC, INTERPOL and ICLS
  • Founding member and member of the Steering Committee of Biosafety and Biosecurity
  • International Consortium BBIC in the MENA region
  • Member of the expert team of Interpol train the trainers program on prevention of Bioterrorism since 2006.
  • Member of the Steering committee of Biosafety and Biosecurity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since 2007 up to now
  • Dr Mohammadi’s last position in WHO was the Coordinator of Laboratory Alliance and

Biosafety. He was also project manager of two important projects with the budget of 2.8 M USD founded by the European Union under WHO-EU joint Action on Regional and National Capacity Building on Public Health and Biological risk Management.

Dr Mohammadi left WHO in 2010 and now acts as an international Consultant on public health and biorisk management.

He has also designed and organized more than 43 workshops and training courses in the field of, public health, vaccinology, GMP, GLP, Biosafety and Biosecurity in different countries of the world.

He is now the founder and CEO of Swiss Pharma Commerce, based in Geneva, Switzerland.


1. Golden Medal and Charter of Humanism from the Permanent Committee of the International League of Humanists, Philadelphia during the World Congress of humanists Unity in Sarajevo, Bosnia -Herzeguina

2. -Award from H.E. President of I. R. Iran as the Top General Director for self-sufficiency in vaccine production in 1998

3. Award from H.E. President of Iran as the Top Director of Research Institutions in 1999

4. -Award to from Minister of Agriculture as the “Top General Director” for selfsufficiency in vaccine production in 1999

5. -Award from Minister of Agriculture as “Top President” among research institutes of Iran in 1995.

6. -Award from Ministry of Agriculture for capable directing the National Festival of Agriculture in 1995.

7. -Award from Ministry of Health for substantial increase and self-sufficiency in production of polio vaccine in 1995.

8. -Award from “Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Research and Education for successful implementation of environmental damage assessment projects in 1997

9. -Award from Ministry of Science and Technology for successful development of New Castle and Avian Influenza Vaccine

10. Appreciation Charter from the Director General of WHO for nine years services in WHO as a professional expert