Welcome To GHSC

GHSC is an accomplished, dynamic and forward-thinking, strategic consulting group based in Geneva, Switzerland and founded in 2011. GHSC by high level and specialized experts in public health and security who have been serving in the World Health Organization and other public and private health and pharma companies with more than 30 years experience on national and international level. So far, we have more than 60 renowned professional experts in our list and more are joining us. There will be a questionnaire through which they will indicate how they would like to work with us.

Mission & Vission

Since its establishment, GHSC has been focusing of capacity building on Health and Security in developing and low resource countries The main objective of GHSC is to establish a pool of high level experts who have been and/or are active on different aspects of health and security including mainly capacity building in developing countries in managing public health risks. In other word, we try to make a proper and speedy link between these experts and those governments, institutions and NGOs who need them.


We ensure access to biosafety and biosecurity services across the globe.


GHSC emphasizes on professional development and leadership training as part of their offering to public health experts in developing and low resource countries.
Through our training programs these experts will experience a case-based training program that provides every expert with the foundational skills to succeed in their business environment. Long-term training will also provide them with opportunities to increase professional presence and poise, preparing individuals for success within and beyond their workplace.

These training programs should include the following areas:

  • Public health security
  • Biosafety
  • Biosecurity
  • Biological Risk Management
  • Laboratory and Hospital Infection prevention and control
  • Pharmaceutical biosafety and Biosecurity
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Any other related subject requested by the public health authorities

These training workshops or courses can be organized in Geneva, Switzerland within WHO environment or other International organizations, consisting of theory and practice as well as case studies and visit to reference laboratories, hospitals and well developed European pharmaceutical companies.

Alternatively, if requested by the host country or company, our experts will be happy to travel to the requesting country and organize the workshops/courses in their own country.

Access world-class biosafety and biosecurity knowledge

with GHSC


GHSC has been able to bring together more than 60 high level health and security professional each of whom with more than 30 years experience on national and international level. These experts are now involved with providing consultation to big pharma or research institutions on different aspects of Health and Security.

Employing these great capability and professionality, we are providing high level consultation on different aspects on health and security including:

  • Basis of design, establishment and construction of hospitals, research and diagnostic laboratories in particular BSL2 and 3, development and manufacturing of vaccine and biopharmaceutical products, supply, calibration and validation of their equipment
  • Development and implementation of National Biorisk Management programmes as well as health and security projects in particular pandemic crisis such as COVID19.
  • Public health and biological risk management (BRM)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of public health projects
  • Implementation of Biosafety and Biosecurity principles in public health and biological institutions as well as vaccine and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Addressing your biosafety and biosecurity needs

is our long-held expertise

Project Management

Throughout their tenure services in WHO and other organizations and companies, the GHSC Scientists have been managing many public health projects on the national and international level. Therefore, if requested by the clients, they are fully prepared to directly mange such project where they can employ their many years of experience and professionality to best implement the projects.